Nata Village, set on the banks of the Nata River; the people of Nata have tried, as far as possible, to maintain the village in a traditional layout with decorated huts and groves of Ilala palms.


nata mapThe Nata Bird Sanctuary was developed at the mouth of the Nata River in the extreme northeast of Sua Pan. It was established as a community-initiated project, in which the funds go directly to the community. Nata Bird Sanctuary was designed to provide refuge for wildlife on and around Sua Pan. If more communities all over Africa saw the benefits and took the initiative of following suit, it would do a lot for conservation.

Nata Bird Sanctuary provides one of the best possible views of the pans. This is thanks to an elevated wooden hide, which is a beautiful vantage point. Most of the protected wildlife in the area is of the winged variety.

The area is an important flamingo and pelican breeding ground. If there is water in the pan thousands of flamingoes, ducks, geese and pelicans are to be seen. It's a sight to behold!